[laborator_heading title=”Usage Directions for Tattoo-Me Henna Kits:”]

Pour henna powder from vial into plastic pouch. Add lemon juice, 4-5 table spoons for a 15g vial (in all Tattoo-Me Henna Kits, except 5)

Mix thoroughly to make the paste reach a toothpaste consistency. Let the paste sit for 2-4 hours at this point

Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil, 4-5 drops

Keep mixing to squeeze and smoothen clumps

Wrap the plastic bag in a paper towel or napkin. Let sit for a minimum of 4-6 hours for maximum dye release (up to 12 hours at cold temperatures)

When the paper towel is orange, your henna paste is ready to draw with

You can apply your henna paste with either a plastic bottle or with a cone, here are directions for both. If you have ordered a henna paste products from us, a plastic cone has been included for you to try this authentic way of henna application.