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Henna classes are now taught by Tattoo-Me Henna Artists
Have you ever wanted to learn about mehndi and the art of henna?
Scope of the course:
Henna history, Henna from the different parts of the world.
Scientific analysis of the henna plant, Dye Release process
Mixing henna paste, simple and complex recipes
Applications of Henna, on Hair, on Body
Workshop: drawing with henna
Designing with henna: difficulty levels
Using Stencils and Henna Patterns and Free Hand Drawing
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Come get certified of your henna knowledge by taking our henna classes.
Who takes the class? Everyone who’s interested in this wonderful art form, teachers, students, aspiring henna artists, uncles, moms, nail artists, tattoo artists.
This is a 3-hour course that takes you through the Journey of Henna from its beginnings to its many contemporary usages.
An examination is optional at the end of class to receive a Certificate of Completion. For Certification rules, please go here.

Henna Classes Schedule
January 2007
Los Angeles Jan 6 & 20

Certificate of Completion
Certificates of completion demonstrate your knowledge of the plant of henna, its usages and its applications.

Tattoo-Me is proud to announce Our affiliate program is available through the HennaPage.Network Association. If you are interested in being henna artist certified, click here.