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You can find most Tattoo-Me Henna products, including Henna Kits, Henna Paste, Henna Design Books and much more.

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Henna on the Body:An ancient tradition brought back to life. Come to our store for an amazing artistic creation. We have thousands of designs to choose from and you can even bring your own design!
please call or email to schedule your appointment!
Or call our store at 310-575-1441.
Henna on Hair:
Please schedule an appointment with Eva for a strand test. After the test has been done, you come in for your entire hair. We custom make your henna paste according to you natural color of hair. Read this first. Prices vary upon length of hair.

Tattoo-Me AirBrush Station

AirBrush Temporary Tattoos:

Henna Classes: Register now!
Come get certified of your henna knowledge by taking our henna classes.
Who takes the class? Everyone who’s interested in this wonderful art form, teachers, students, aspiring henna artists, uncles, moms, nail artists, tattoo artists.
This is a 3-hour course that takes you through the Journey of Henna from its beginnings to its many usages of today.
Why henna? We conclude with a drawing session where designs by levels of difficulty are covered.
Course Outline: What is henna? How to mix henna? Applications of henna?
Date & Time: all classes are on Saturday, from 10 AM to 1 PM
Special requests: 3 students minimum to request special date & time
An examination is optional at the end of class to receive a Tattoo-Me Henna Certificate of Completion.
Class includes take home written material as well as your mixed henna paste during mixing session.

Sonya Henna Animation
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